Wind Park Murgash


София 1849, кв. "Кремиковци"
ул. "Св. Георги Победоносец" 1А
тел.: 02 994 70 30
факс: 02 994 70 12

Information about the turbines

WinWinD has developed an innovative wind turbine for the market with its WWD concept. WinWinD’s basic values include customer satisfaction and the operational reliability of the products, as well as the win-win co- operation achieved between the clients and WinWinD.

On the basis of thorough technical and economic research work the WWD concept, which allows electricity to be produced with a new innovative integrated power unit, was created. The basis for design was efficiency, reliability and ease of maintenance which allows the WWD concept to offer the most cost-effective production throughout its total life, combined with the lowest operating costs.