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Murgash Project

Wind Power Park Murgash Project

Ecosource Energy is planning to build approximately a 300 MW wind farm at areas surrounding the Murgash peak area at Stara Planina Mountain. The wind farm will be attached to the regional electricity grid and replace average fossil fuel based grid electricity generation.

Site locates some 30 kilometers North-East from Sofia. Site elevation is at highest 1687m i.e. Murgash peak and 1400-1500 meters at lower lying areas. Surrounding elevation at the foot of the mountains is approximately 600m. Wind energy potential of mount Murgash is promising on the basis of the existing measurement data. According to the readings of the anemometers, the average wind speeds is around 8,5 meters per second.

The Wind Power Park Murgash Project is expecting to build and operate a park of wind turbines with total energy of 300 MW, in the area of peak Murgash, by Ecosource Energy Ltd. Due to the great solar potential of the area, another 100 MW of photovoltaic panels are planned for installation after the study of sun radiation.

Ecosource Energy Ltd /Ecosource/ is working on the Wind Power Park Murgash, situated in the mountains at an altitude of 1100m - 1700m, 30km north-east of Sofia.

The sites for the generators are: the highest 1470 and the lowest around 800 m a.s.l. This means that the presently planned sites for the turbines are about 200 to 300 m lower than the highest point.

Wind Power Park Murgash will be situated on 170 hectares area. The land is 100% owned by Ecosource Energy Ltd.

The building of the Wind Power Park is planned to be done on several stages. When the project is completed, there will be build 150 turbines. For the aims of the project, Ecosource have bought 8700 decares land.

The turbine supplier of the project is WinWind, Finland. Two types of wind turbines will be installed: WWD-1 (1MW) and WWD-3 (3MW). The company signed a contract with the supplier of the turbines for supply and mounting of the machinery, with ABB Power Systems /Germany and Bulgaria/ for development of a systematic research of the Wind Park and a connection with the National Electric Base Net, with Poyry /Finland/ for analysis of the wind, a wind - measuring equipment and other consultative services, with Garrad Hassan /UK/ for analysis of the wind data.

Сертификат за инвеститор 1-ви класEcosource Energy Ltd. has completed the Bulgarian administrative procedure and has covered all legal requirements. List of available documentation: Land ownership documents with notarial attestation, Official acceptance from the Municipalities of the detailed country planning act, Approval from the Ministry of Environment and Water of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Resolution of Regional Environmental Inspection Agency, Resolution of the Ministry of Health, Resolution of the National Electricity Company for connection to the grid, Certificate from the regional Watering System Enterprise, Resolution of the local Water and Sewerage Enterprise, Resolution of the regional Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry at the Ministy of Agriculture on the change of the land status, Planning visa, Support letters from local administration, JI documentation(JI Procedures Section)

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