Wind Park Murgash


София 1849, кв. "Кремиковци"
ул. "Св. Георги Победоносец" 1А
тел.: 02 994 70 30
факс: 02 994 70 12

Measuring Campaign and Wind Analysis

A measuring campaign for the wind potential of the site has been carried on by Ecosource Energy together with NexGen (UK), supplier of masts and measurement equipment, SME Consult (Bulgaria), local provider measuring of services, Garrad Hassan (UK) and Poyry (Finland) – analysis of data and conclusion. Ecosource Energy disposes with electronically stored wind data for more than 3 years.

Based on this information a wind analysis of the site has been made, with calculated estimation of energy production, it is created a wind map of the area and the exact places identification of the first 50 turbines has been made.

This available data has been used also for the JI procedures, which Ecosourse started and for the make of PDD (Project Desigh Document) needed for these procedures.