Wind Park Murgash


София 1849, кв. "Кремиковци"
ул. "Св. Георги Победоносец" 1А
тел.: 02 994 70 30
факс: 02 994 70 12


The team of Ecosource Energy Ltd. dispose with all necessary technical park and sources for a private construction of the respective 12,5 kм mountain and 11 kм. internal roads, which will allow the transportation of all generators and equipment, also the making of foundations and all additional civil works.

For the construction of turbines foundations a mobile concrete installation has been bought.


For the technical maintenance of the equipment and masts, Ecosource Energy’s employees provide twenty-four hours monitoring and control of the installations.

In the tough conditions at the altitude of 1700 m, the company provide its’ employees with a comfort of life and work by the specially constructed house and additional buildings, situated near to the masts.